Japan Chronicles IV

A few months back I said that I ended my “Japan Chronicles” series.

Guess there’ll be a fourth one.

Some of these images, I’ll probably go over and delete after a few months, but at this moment in time they’ll mean something to me.

Honestly, the photographs that really mean quite a lot to me are my “personal documentary” photographs. And maybe the ones I took while travelling, as I may never go back to those places again and the photos I take are the only way of jogging my memory.



Honestly, I prefer shooting personal documentary photography over street photography. My photos are more meaningful and are more emotionally connected to me that way.

So why do street photography?

If I wasn’t going to care, I’d say it’s to give my camera something to do.

But I do care, and I’ll say that these photos are equally as meaningful as my personal documentary. So that’s why I do street photography along with other styles.



Peace out ✌️

Melbourne, 2015


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